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from Incredible India!!

Wanna explore India? Experience Indian culture & tradition while helping for good causes ? Wanna visit the oldest Baniyan Tree of the world ? Wanna visit the old capital of India ? Wanna visit Mother Teresa’s Tomb? Wanna enriched yourself with one of the oldest tradition and culture this summer ? Wanna help in organic farming ? Wanna learn yoga & Meditation from genuine yoga teacher with more than 25 years of experience ? And many more….Then join SMILE NGO Volunteering Projects to rediscover yourself …….


SMILE Happy Home Camp

volunteers group required In India ,Kolkata(ccu).

SMILE 2019 Project details already published on our SMILE Homepage .

SMILE Organic Farming training project

We welcome motivated youth to help in our projects in India .

SMILE Society,India ( Member of CCIVS ( Associated with UNESCO), Associate Member of NVDA and member of WANGO.

SMILE International workcamps

SMILE Background :-

SMILE Society (ngo),India founded on 31st Aug. 2003 by a youth social activist Mr.Debabrata chakraborty ( Deba) with the full cooperation with his family and friends!!
Since then organization actively working in the field of volunteering in India .
International volunteers,teens,students,seniors are welcome round the year.


SMILE Yoga & Meditation training Workcamp

Social Links :-

What’s App/Viber/We Chat: +919830150249,
Line I’d: workcamp,
Kakao I’d : volunteerindia, Skype:smilengo.india,




SMILE Facebook Page1
SMILE Facebook Page2
Skype: smilengo.India,
Twitter: smilengo_india,
SMILE Youtube link
SMILE Volunteers Feedback

SMILE Street Angels Camp

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