True short stories of angels !! SmileNgo,India

She lives right behind the # 9 platform of sealdah station ( the main rail station of calcutta)!! She is a 9 yrs old girl lives with her family ( a brother,two sisters and mother). They have no father 😦
Everyday we meet her at our project area( SmileNgo,India street children welfare project, She always comes first and help us in organizing the activities ! She always been really active and supportive ! With the days she became our habits , we somehow depends on her at the project area! Oh! By the way her name is khukumoni ! She is the elder daughter of of our local volunteer ‘Sori’ ! An amazing girl with a big dream !! Yes !! That true !! She wants to get married and make her children really successful in their life !! She does not want to keep her children on the street ! She want them to give a much better ( normal) life !
She is still a child but at this age she already specific about her future !
Do not you think we should help her to make her dream true ??? Help us !!

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