Environment and recycling project ( SC 2012 h / SC 2012 i), special camp from 5th-19th june; 20th june-4th July; 5th-19th Aug ; 20th aug-4th sep)

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SMILE ,India special campSC 2012 d ; SC 2012e; SC 2012h ; SC 2012 i….

5th-19th Aug. 2012
20th aug-4th sep. 2012
.. ..

Project:- Environment and recycling project to save mother nature ….

Details:- Our world is our mother and we should save our mother nature! During this camp volunteers will plant tree, manage gerbage in the community with kids and during afternoon learn to recyle the waste product to usable! Volunteers would have great fun time altogather!

Place :- Madhyamgram ; Group :15 volunteers
Age : 16+; person need to be physically capable of doing hard work.
Location: sealdah, kolkata.
Duration : 2 weeks

Daily schedule :-
Morning breakfast 7:30 am
Leave for work : 8 am
Transportation : public ( train/bus)
Work end : 1:30 pm
Lunch : 3 pm
Workshop: 4 pm – 6 pm
Yoga / local language class : 6:30-7:45 pm
Dinner : 8 pm
Bed time : 9:30
Working days – Monday to Friday
Weekends : Free
(Special city trip can be organized against extra charge)
Everyone must get back the accommodation before 8 p.m every day.
Internet : In house internet available against extra fees .
Accommodation: Home stay on dormitory basis. Non air conditioned room. Food: 3 times local tasty food available.
Living cost : Euro 150 / head / 2 weeks ( minimum); every extra week Euro 75/ head.( from members of ccivs,nvda,alliance,sci) otherwise Euro 200/head/2 weeks (minimum); every extra weeks Euro 100/head..


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