SMILE ,India renovation school building special camp( SC 2012g)

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SMILE ,India special camp SC 2012g….

20th jul-4th aug 2012
.. ..

Project:- Renovate and repaint free School for Poor children ….

Details:- These are our welfare activities for the slum children in kolkata and around. Volunteers are required to renovate and repaint the non formal school for poor children ( only place where they get the education). Volunteers can have a great chance to work with the poorest community of the city and learn them, teach them and build up a close relationship with the beautiful kids. Their smile are unforgettable J ….

Place :- Madhyamgram ; Group :15 volunteers
Age : 16+; person need to be physically capable of doing hard work.
Location: sealdah, kolkata.
Duration : 2 weeks
Daily schedule :-
Morning breakfast 7:30 am
Leave for work : 8 am
Transportation : public ( train/bus)
Work end : 1:30 pm
Lunch : 3 pm
Workshop: 4 pm – 6 pm
Yoga / local language class : 6:30-7:45 pm
Dinner : 8 pm
Bed time : 9:30
Working days – Monday to Friday
Weekends : Free
(Special city trip can be organized against extra charge)
Everyone must get back the accommodation before 8 p.m every day.
Internet : In house internet available against extra fees .
Accommodation: Home stay on dormitory basis. Non air conditioned room. Food: 3 times local tasty food available.
Living cost : Euro 150 / head / 2 weeks ( minimum); every extra week Euro 75/ head.( from members of ccivs,nvda,alliance,sci) otherwise Euro 200/head/2 weeks (minimum); every extra weeks Euro 100/head..


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