A kid with strong mind

We started our activities as usual but from the beginning we found one of our kid ( Mijanoor,11 yrs. Old boy) was sitting quietly aside unlike any other days!By the way Mijanoor is a 11 yrs old abandoned child ,living alone on the street ! He looks depressed some times but very determined and strong child.He was coming in our project for last few weeks . He do not listen everyone 😦 loves to play a lot !
Well now again go back to that day ….. We noticed him bit quite (unlike him !) and asked him couple of times if he was fine but got no clear answer from him! He sometimes behave bit careless though, We got busy with other kids ,just wanted to gave him a bit of space for himself. Projects were going fine suddenly noticed that Mijanoor got unconscious and banging his head and body parts on floor,making sounds !! We were so worried !! We had no idea about his any sickness earlier . He was in our project for last few weeks ,never got any hints about it ! Its so shocking for all of us, we tried to help in our way , asked the people from the community to help us !! By that moment we understood that he was suffering from ‘Epilepsy’ . We were trying our best to help him to got back to normal ! Tried to gave him a free space to air come in,splashing water on his face and help him to lay down .Local community people had their old believe and ideas which they used but we some how managed to gave the boy a bit space from the local people . None of these people had any idea about the seriousness of the situation . Finally he got back his consciousness ,slowly when he became normal we gave him glucose, hot milk . It was such an experience !!
In the meantime from our office Dev arrived and helped us and the kid which was such a big help on time !
Dev wanted to bring Mijanoor to Smile Family but the boy was really determined not to come with us !
Next day we went and call all the mothers and sisters of the neighborhood and gave them some classes about Epilepsy ( do’s and don’t). So that if something happen again with anyone in the community ,they know what to do .
We felt so sorry about last day but one thing we learned on that day that how a child living in such poorly condition ,having no parents,living alone on the street fighting for his existence ,can have self respect and strong characteristics !!
In normal world people looking for short cut opportunities and better life for anything but here these kids ready to fight against their present situation by themselves with smiling faces just need our affection and guidance ! From SMILE on that day afternoon we had sent him to hospital for his treatment ,although there is no such permanent solution for this disease!
From couple of days later Mijanoor again joined us at the project and behaved normal as usual.
Every next day we come to know different new kids and their lives ! We feel so sorry for them and found us so fortunate to have a better life ! It is us who got better life should come forward and join in this project to help them to got back their life ! Together we can make their life much better .
It is really necessary to have many volunteers to come forward and help all these cutest kids on the earth !! I am here trying to give my best ,will you ready to help them ??

Smile Society , Street children Proj, Kolkata,India : http://www.smilengo.org

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