Our Days at Smile Family !! Part-1 (www.smilengo.org)

Every single workcamp brings lots of hope and inspiration to us !! As a long term volunteer we always do our activities but during summer and winter times when many friends and volunteers from around the globe join in our workcamp and bring their valuable hands to our work place ,that’s a different experience altogether !
In our last camp it was 8 volunteers ! Yes , truly we bacame the global citizen during workcamp time!
We got the info that few of SMILE volunteers will going to join us from next day ! Yeah !! We were so glad !! We r 3 long term volunteers doing our service for last few years and during every month we have 2-3 workcamps where we have chance to meet others !!
SMILE family where we all live together is actually hosted by the local family but we never felt it during our stay! It is our own family and we all share our feelings,emotions and work with each other !! Most important is that you can have a chance to stay all together and find every single days involved in activities . Life is different here which gives us a chance to learn and teach at the same time ! Yes we r all good friends!
During week days every morning we go to the project site where we meet the cute children and try our best to bring love and affection but the amazing part is that we always return back with happy heart ,we get back more than we try to give to these small poor children.! These children teach us more about life skills! How one can enjoy their life with smileing face !! No food,no proper cloth, no shelter,no proper place for sanitation,no health care,no safety of life ,they are just living in a hell but every single day makes them more strong ,determined,,matured !!!They are no longer living on the mercy of God or society but they keep smiling and ready to fight against it . We ,from SMILE Society (ngo),India (www.smilengo.org) just trying to be with them as siblings!
By the grace of Almighty ( for those who believe in him) most of us had much much better and safe childhood under the protection of our parents and society, we truly were fortunate enough to enjoy such protected and secure life with all the material facilities, still many of us were not so happy or could smile with such purity like these kids ! W r always looking for more and our demand list is endless but these kids ,they do not even know whether they get food next day or not!! They keep struggling for their existence every moment ! No one to look after them except us ( SMILE volunteers) , many of them even stay alone without their family , abandoned ,sleep on the street , eat food from garbage bin ,this is so miserable!! but still they do not care about it, ready to go ahead , never stop dreaming about their future !! Our support is always not even close to sufficient due to shortage of volunteers and situational disadvantages . We run our activities through out the year !! We clean them, beth them, wash their body/hair , clip their nails, try to give fundamental elementary education like alphabets, help them to do simple sums ,sing and dance with them. Time to time give them simple art and craft training , encourage them in all respect. We also provide health care ( first aid mainly but in case of major problem ,we take them to the nearest hospital and treat them until get well), they are our family !
Most challenging part of the project is the different age and education level of the kids ! Kids are never staying at the same place all the time ,they keep moving different places , every now and then new kids from far village or other cities arrive and participate in our project !
Lives going on days going ahead !
This project was started in 2003 and still going on with good spirit! Old kids became adult new kids came and activities going on !! We sometimes gets chance to meet older kids and found them doing well in their life!
Street children always been misused by mafias .They use these kids as drug carrier,informer,beggar and prostitute! We always had been fighting against these issues!! Every time whenever we get chance ,we organize the drama and different other community interaction programme which helps us to educate kids and other elders against all these issues ! It’s really a difficult job but we are doing our level best to save these kids .
Success rate is good but still many hurdles to cross !
If anyone who think inspired by this article ,please extend your hands !! We always need it !!
There are different group activities, long term and short term activities going on !!
Don’t you feel that those who we are leading a secure and better life , blessed by our parents and societies should come forward and help these needy children to get back their life ….a safer and secure life ! At least we can prepare them to face this cruel world !! What do you think about it !!
Well frankly speaking we do not need advices , suggestions or plans , just needs your pair of hands with dedicated soul to come forward and stand beside these neglected children of the society! Come on guys !! We can and we will do it !!
We should not just wait for the govt. Or society to help us , may be they would be inspired by us in someday or may be not ! Let’s show the strength of volunteering !!
Well country like India where so many street children facing this life but how many of us really have time to do for these neglected kids ? Yes we are at SMILE believe that may be we can not change the world but at least we can help these children to face the world !!
SMILE Society (ngo),India;
Street children welfare project 1(Sealdah); http://www.youtube.com/smilengo1 ; http://www.smilengo.org ; http://www.flickr.com/photos/smilengo;http://smilengo.worpress.com; http://smilengo1.blogspot.in ; Skype @ smilengo.india ; http://www.facebook.com/smilengo.india ; http://www.twitter.com/smilengo_india ;

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