Street children Welfare project – Kolkata(Sealdah)

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**SMILE ,India workcamp ( IWC 272~301) projects

Project:- Street children welfare project

Details:- There are thousands of poor refugees coming every year from nearby countries and street children coming from different cities and villages most of these families are living in a very poorly condition at slums or on street.

Smile Society (ngo) had started their activities to help these kids in education,washing,health care, training, food distribution,art and craft ,drama and music activities since 2003 !!

There are few. Non formal field service educational cum other work done in these projects . We often need workcamper and LTV/MTV to run these projects !!
Volunteer can have a great fun to stay with the local host and learn local food habits/ culture/dress / arts . A cultural exchange programme would take place regular basis to learn each other country and heritage !! More over Volunteers would have great fun time altogether!

Starting Date : 1st and 17th of every month.

Place :- Madhyamgram,Sealdah and around west bengal
Group :8 volunteers
Age : 16+; person need to be physically capable of doing hard work.
Location: 20km from kolkata city centre.
Duration : 2 weeks

Daily schedule for all the above mentioned workcamps,special camp ,LTV and MTV projects :-

Morning breakfast 7:30 am
Leave for work : 8 am

Transportation : public ( train/bus)
Work end : 1:30 pm
Lunch : 3 pm

Workshop: 4 pm – 6 pm
Yoga / local language class : 6:30-7:45 pm
Dinner : 8 pm
Bed time : 9:30
Working days – Monday to Friday

Weekends : Free
(Special city trip can be organized against extra charge)
Everyone must get back the accommodation before 8 p.m every day.

Internet : In house internet available against extra fees .
Accommodation: Home stay on dormitory basis. Non air conditioned room. Food: 3 times local tasty food available.

Living cost : Euro 150 / head / 2 weeks ( minimum); every extra week Euro 75/ head.( from members of ccivs,nvda,alliance,sci) otherwise Euro 200/head/2 weeks (minimum); every extra weeks Euro 100/head..

For MTV /LTV …….Euro 70/week/head is the living cost ; duration 6-11 weeks (MTV) and 12-48 wks (LTV) for all.


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