Urgent volunteer ( individual & groups) open places during coming festival India


Let’s  have a fun-filled festival days with the poor and cute street children of India !!
Like every years SMILE Society (NGO),India will going to spend the festive days with the children from street children welfare project around Kolkata city ,India !! We Welcome youth from around the globe to take part in our special camps during these days !! 
Youth will have a great celebration time with the local host family and street children !! During the camp volunteers would help the poor and needy street kids to visit in different festive places in morning time !! These children are the neediest part of the community and to them festival means an another day to struggle for survival 😦 
In this festival ( Durga puja & Diwali ) people from all parts of the society enjoy the festivals with new cloth,good food,visiting different festival places with their friends and family but among these children ,it is just a day ……. These cute hearts also like to enjoy and have fun but they have little chance to do it due to the barrier among them and normal society !! It is unfortunate but truth that these children from street still considered as the untouchable human because their poor and dirty situation !! SMILE always been dedicated to bring smile among these children and like other past years we will again try to give the best possible time to these needy kids !!
We are in need of a 15 volunteer per camp to help in this movement !!


Short term individual or group Camp date :- 17-30th October( Durga puja),
1-14th Nov.(Diwali festival),
24th dec-6th jan( X-Mas & New Year festival).
Vol. required : 15/ camp
Living cost : Euro 150/ head / 2 weeks ( for the volunteers coming from partner organisation from CCIVS ( unesco) . Others will have to pay the living cost Euro 200/head/2 weeks minimum,to the host family against 3 times local veg food and shared dorm based room.
Long term places open : 6 volunteers
Any day during October / nov/ dec 2012….
Living cost :- Euro 70/ week/head 
Duration :- 12-48 weeks
Daily schedule :- 
Morning breakfast 7:30 am
Leave for work : 8 am
Transportation : public ( train/bus) or by car ( extra cost),
Work end : 1:30 pm
Lunch : 3 pm
Workshop: 5:30pm – 6 :30pm
Cultural exchange: 6:45-7:45 pm
Dinner : 8 pm
Bed time : 9:30
Working days – Monday to Friday
Weekends : No work
(Special city trip can be organized against extra charge)
SMILE Society (NGO),India Head Office ,
Member of CCIVS( in association with UNESCO),NVDA,WANGO,
Skype: smilengo.india,
Email: info@smilengo.org,

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