Angel from Street


In this story ( true story) our hero is one of our Angel named NEPALI ,a 7 yrs old girl child from a NOMAD family. She lives wish her parents and 5 other siblings on the street near Sealdah Station. These children are almost regular participant of our project . She has got 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Her younger sister is Kajol who is 5 years old and her another sister is Ganesh who is 3 years old. Her elder brothers are Ram prasad, Naba, Ramjeet who are 17, 13 and 10 years old respectively.


lt was like any other day when we arrive at our Street Children Welfare Project based at Sealdah .we were totally shocked by an incident which turned our face pale and emaciated.


NEPALI was crying because of severe pain and her palm completely burnt from all angles!! Her family came running to us with tears. Nepali was writhing in pain and couldn’t stop crying.
Actually the real incident was that – she was playing with her little sister carrying a drawing book (given by us) and by mistake the notebook fell inside a burning brick furnace(used for cooking). Nepali while trying to take the notebook out from the furnace fataly bruised her left palm and her flesh was totally flushed out from her skin.Her hair burnt completly.


It was certainly a huge catastrophe which befell her and her family!! Nepali’s parents took her to the nearest hospital but the doctors refused to treat her since she was belonging from the family of ‘nomads’ and giving an excuse that the treatment is too expensive and not possible for the family to bear!! Certainly we didn’t wasted any precious time and soon began to treat the little angel by our love and affection if not by MONEY!!


We instantly took the picture and sent to our associated physician for advice but it all sounds for an really expensive treatment which was not at all possible for the family ,we had to take our call ,one of our team member got First AID ,Nursing training and depending  on our limited resourses we started our tireless but dedicated journey in nursing the palm. It took us more than 3 weeks to bring the palm back into its original state.Every day we strived tirelessly in curing the palm. It wasn’t a easy task but we know that “WHERE THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY!!” Each day we washed her burnt area and applied some antiseptic ointments and finally bandaged that area. After 3 weeks time her palm was truly back into its original state and we were the most happiest people on the planet. Sometimes love,affection and dedication do the miracles!


-SMILE ,India
International Workcamp

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