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International Workcamp Opportunities in India :-

1.Street Children & Women Project

SMILE IWC437 1-14th July ,
SMILE IWC440. 17-30th July,
SMILE IWC441 1-14th Aug,
SMILE IWC444. 17-30th Aug,
SMILE IWC445. 1-14th Sep,
SMILE IWC447. 17-30th Sep,

2.Intercultural Exchange.

SMILE IWC438 3-15th July,
SMILE IWC442. 3-15th Aug,
SMILE IWC454. 15-28th Dec,

3. Green House Organic farming

SMILE IWC439 15-28th July ,
SMILE IWC443 15-28th Aug,
SMILE IWC449. 8-20th Oct,

4. Domestic Animal Welfare

SMILE IWC446. 8-20th Sep,

5. Street Children Welfare

SMILE IWC448 1-14th Oct,
SMILE IWC450 17-30th Oct,
SMILE IWC451 1-14th Nov,
SMILE IWC452 17-30th Nov,
SMILE IWC453. 1-14th Dec,
SMILE IWC455. 17-30th Dec ,

*** Special Group Camp Opportunities :-

Camp Code: SMILE GR 05. Date :Anytime
Group size: 20-30 volunteers
Age:12-35 years
Location: Madhyamgram

Activity:- Painting and construction assistance to build School building for underprivileged refugee children.

Promote please….. – at Smile Society (SmileNGO)

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