Happy New year 2019!

Happy New Year to all of our friends!!

Once again we have fronted the truth that we are getting 1 year older and we made it! so let’s celebrate 🎉
Yeah its really amazing how it was really to grow older in this world where no one can predict at breakfast if they can again have it next morning! If we made it, we must be really very lucky one so we have right to celebrate for it!
Hey what am I telling you here actually sounds like a very negative person but believe me I am not. Somehow I just decided to tell the truth which I have in my mind for long but being a positive attitude towards life I never had spoken a loud about it. But why am I telling it loud all of a sudden? What just happened? Are not we are happy and leading a very peaceful life!!
Again another New Year coming and making us 1 year more matured, may be if we do not think over it now, then when? We just need to bring smile around, is it too difficult to ask?
Dear friends, Just look around, most of us are not happy at all but if we do a bit , its not so difficult to make this world a beautiful place where we can easily feel happy and make others happy. How it is possible? It’s very easy, just go out and help just one person who is not happy today and ask him to another one person . If you help him to bring his smile back then this world would be really a better place to live in. Please do it now. Do not wait for anyone, any longer. It’s the only way to welcome a New year! I am doing. Will you?
Let’s be a volunteer to bring smile around the world. Take care.
Happy New Year 2019!!
Debabrata Chakraborty
Founder of
SMILE Society