Festival and street children India !!

Festival and street children have very close connection in the country like India ! Through out the year these children been neglected by the whole so called normal citizen of the country ! Obcourse there are some organization like SMILE Society (www.smilengo.org) trying to looking after these kids on regular basis but their problem is deeply rooted with the socio economic problem of the country !!
There are not enough or organised system to bring enough support for these kids 😦
SMILE is running a regular welfare activities through the volunteers !
But the requirement of international volunteers is never been sufficient as per the demand !!
Long term volunteers and group volunteer supports are really an integral part of the project!!
India is a country of festival ,people of the country celebrate numerous number of festival around the at the different part of the country!!
These festivals bring the brotherhood,love and affection among communities.
But these festivals had never made any significant change among these needy little soul. It is just another days when they lead their life under insecurities and social disrespect.

There are some part of the communities and festival organisers who bring supports for these children during the festival time but these supports are for only one or two days which are really insufficient to these communities.
They need permanent attention and constant love with unconditional supports!

Lets make the life more attractive to them !! We should come forward and try to bring them back in the normal stream of life !!
Through volunteer support and constant ongoing projects Smile Society ,India trying to bring smile to these cute faces !

But to maintain the continuity organization need a constant flow of volunteers !! Here the point where you may contribute your bit towards the life of these neglected communities of the country !
Why not join us to strengthen our movement ……

Long term and short term projects have open places ……Apply soon !!

SMile Society ,India works under the network of international volunteers like CCIVS,UNESCO,NVDA and many other European and international volunteer bodies. You are welcome to apply through our partners or directly to us !

Your participation would always be helpful. We have places for the volunteers from 16yrs onwards . Anyone physical fit and mentally ready to bring smile among the neglected community of the country !!

We welcome you to take part in our street children welfare project during the festive days !!

You and we makes us who can bring smile all around !!

SMILE Society (NGO),India Head Office ,
Member of CCIVS( in association with UNESCO),NVDA,WANGO,

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