True experiences with cutest street kids!

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Kids are waiting for us every morning ! We are the only people who they trust, we are their only family ! Every morning when we arrive these projects, we learn a lot about life ! they give us lession ,how to live with such great smile πŸ™‚ We try to teach them very basics ,wash them, dance and sing with them ,give them food ! We always had a great time !Join us to help ! Volunteer with SMILE,India:


Smile Society (ngo),India URGENT Long term opportunities 2013

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-:SMILE Long term voluntary placement 2013details:-

Types of work: Teaching English [ TE], Social Work [SW, washing /cleaning/food distribution etc],
Construction/ Reconstruction [ Cons], Art and Craft [AC], Health Care [HC].

Working Hours: 3-4 hours/day + workshop
+cultural exchange
Place of work: India

Accommodation: Basic dormitory type in /Host family

Food: 3 time’s local veg food available.

Age: 16+

Duration: 12 week to 48 weeks

Experience: None

Sex: Any

Language: Basic English

Education : None

Supports included in the living cost: 3 times veg food, Shared simple dormitory type of accommodation in hotel/school building/community house/host family/hostel etc as per available and organized by the host on your arrival.

Supports excluded of living cost: airport droping , transportation to and fro project to house by car,Air ticket, Entry fees, Visa cost, Insurances cost, Medical
cost, personal cost( gift,drinking water,soft drinks,any special food,transportation and any other cost) which are not mentioned as included in the living

Period of stay: 12 weeks to 48 weeks

Living Cost: Euro 70/ week/ head ,applicable for volunteers participating from our partner organizations(CCIVS) only. Applicants are requested to pay their living cost at a time to the local host family representative on their arrival in Indian currency only . This living cost is non refundable and non transferable in any case. Any volunteer participating for a single day also required to pay the full living cost to our service provide.

Application process: online/post/email

Meeting point: Meeting point would be informed along with the info sheet to every volunteer / through our partner organizations well before to each camp starting date.

All volunteers are requested to arrive on the first day of the camp on time as per the info sheet .

Documents required for the applicant coming through our ccivs partners , are as follows:-

A. Copy of your passport [photo page & visa page].
B. If you are below 18 yrs. then we need approval letter from your parents/ legal guardian.
C. 2 copies of your recent photograph.

Basic Qualification:

Responsibility to keep rules of SMILE & its partners to run the Work Camp.

Respect local cultures, dress cores, tradition very closely.

Open and flexible with the local food, accommodation set up, systems etc.

Project Details:

* Street children welfare project
Open places : 24
Date: any time
Location: Sealdah ,Kolkata
Short description: Sealdah is the main rail station of Kolkata (one of the old city inIndia )where nearly 300 street children lives with or without their family. Most of the children live these places with their family,also there are kids who lives alone at this place. Lack of food, education, medical facilities are the root of all problem .People are involving in different illegal activities due to the lack of job availabilities. Some people who lives here engaged in different types of work like daily labor, house servant, porter, Van puller and many other types of legal and illegal job.Since2003 ,SMILE is working at this place with the street kids in kolkata. Our target to bring Smile to every needy kids and we are trying to help these kids through out the year. Every Volunteer can get a chance to see and work with the neediest part of the country. You can always find yourself really important in this place. Only your love and affection can give these kids a chance to lead their life and stand on their own feet. Every Monday to Friday we provide different types of welfare service (eg: washing, cleaning, food distribution, medical service, teaching etc) and we need your hands in this mission. Every morning we help these kids to wash and clean and then provide them the basic education with the breakfast. Volunteers can have a very quality time in this project. After noon time volunteers are requested to prepare the lesion plan for the next day.
Welcome to SMILE

True short stories of angels !! SmileNgo,India

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She lives right behind the # 9 platform of sealdah station ( the main rail station of calcutta)!! She is a 9 yrs old girl lives with her family ( a brother,two sisters and mother). They have no father 😦
Everyday we meet her at our project area( SmileNgo,India street children welfare project, She always comes first and help us in organizing the activities ! She always been really active and supportive ! With the days she became our habits , we somehow depends on her at the project area! Oh! By the way her name is khukumoni ! She is the elder daughter of of our local volunteer ‘Sori’ ! An amazing girl with a big dream !! Yes !! That true !! She wants to get married and make her children really successful in their life !! She does not want to keep her children on the street ! She want them to give a much better ( normal) life !
She is still a child but at this age she already specific about her future !
Do not you think we should help her to make her dream true ??? Help us !!

Smile Society ( SmileNgo) welcomes International Youth India

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SmileNgo ,India Reconstruction and renovation special group camps in India !! Individual and group application welcome ! Apply to book your place… ; 15 minimum volunteers required per camp. Reconstruction of school ,renovation of volunteer centre , repainting of Animal shelter and training center in and around Calcutta ,India .

Urgent Reconstruction Volunteer Group/individuals (SC 2012g) place available

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Project:- Renovate and repaint free School for Poor children ….

Details:- These are our welfare activities for the slum children in kolkata and around. Volunteers are required to renovate and repaint the non formal school for poor children ( only place where they get the education). Volunteers can have a great chance to work with the poorest community of the city and learn them, teach them and build up a close relationship with the beautiful kids. Their smile are unforgettable J ….

Place :- Madhyamgram ; Group :15 volunteers
Age : 16+; person need to be physically capable of doing hard work.
Location: kolkata.
Duration : 2 weeks
Date : 20th july-4th aug 2012
Daily schedule :-
Morning breakfast 7:30 am
Leave for work : 8 am
Transportation : public ( train/bus)
Work end : 1:30 pm
Lunch : 3 pm
Workshop: 4 pm – 6 pm
Yoga / local language class : 6:30-7:45 pm
Dinner : 8 pm
Bed time : 9:30
Working days – Monday to Friday
Weekends : Free
(Special city trip can be organized against extra charge)
Everyone must get back the accommodation before 8 p.m every day.
Internet : In house internet available against extra fees .
Accommodation: Home stay on dormitory basis. Non air conditioned room. Food: 3 times local tasty food available.
Living cost : Euro 150 / head / 2 weeks ( minimum); every extra week Euro 75/ head.( from members of ccivs,nvda,alliance,sci) otherwise Euro 200/head/2 weeks (minimum); every extra weeks Euro 100/head..

Special Renovation Camp India

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SMILE,India required urgent volunteers to repaint and repair their non formal school for slum children around kolkata,India. Date 20th Apr-4th May; Volunteer required 20; Age: any; individual or group application welcome! ; apply soon!

Urgent volunteer required india,

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Urgent motivated volunteers place available at Calcutta ,India with SmileNgo!!

*workcamp 269 & 270 ,starts on 17th May , teach,play,wash,music,drama with street children ,cultural night with candle light diner to save the planet !!

*SMILE,India required urgent volunteers to reconstruct and renovate the volunteer cum training center, kolkata,India.special camp 2012c , Date 20th May-4th June; Volunteer required 20; Age: any; individual or group application welcome! ;