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SMILE NGO India Volunteering Projects 2018 

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Greetings from SMILE NGO India.hope you had a great season. We like to thanks our all partner for their kind cooperation. We would love to see your kind cooperation in coming years as well. New partners are most welcome to work together and build up a strong partnership. 

SMILE India (All projects) 2018 :, 

SMILE India 2018(E-vet, Xml version) :, 

SMILE Group Camps :, 

SMILE Festival Camps :, 

SMILE Long & Medium Term Projects :, 

SMILE Workcamps India :, 

Please promote our upcoming projects in India.  SMILE Projects are waiting for your cooperation. Any groups or individuals are most welcome . Middle and Long term places are available as well. Let’s start a strong partnership. 

SMILENGO  India Workcamps have open places for your energetic youth volunteers……      

Upcoming Workcamps in 2017 also open. Our exciting camp of Happy Christmas Festival looking for your energetic youth volunteers between 17-30th Dec.       


All other projects are open as well for your energetic youth volunteers. 

Looking forward to receive your motivated volunteers in our projects India. For any queries please contact us anytime. 

Best regards

SMILE Team , India

What’s App : +919830150249 

Workcamp & Longterm Volunteering India

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​Exciting #workcamp Project with #SMILE underprivileged #community kids .Informal #school to #Teach Basic spoken English,Arts,Crafts etc. 4 #Longterm International #volunteer places open . Minimum duration 8 weeks ,to maximum duration 20 weeks. Apply soon .Urgent places open. For recent Volunteers #feedback and upcoming #shortterm #project details :- ,

SMILE volunteer free places list

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Dear partners and friends !

Greetings from India. We have many open STV & MLTV Projects from July onwards where energetic youth welcome.
Please recuite volunteers for us. There are also Group volunteers opportunities available. 

 open places are as follows:–)

“URGENT volunteers Needed in July ,Aug,Sep “- please promote our all camps ….

International Workcamp & Special Camp list 2014 :-


IWC 362 1-14th Oct Sealdah Street children welfare. 20. 16
IWC 363 5-19th Oct Madhyamgram Environment. 20. 16
IWC 364 17-30th Oct Sealdah Street children welfare. 20. 16
IWC 365 20th Oct-4th Nov Madhyamgram Animal welfare. 10. 06
IWC 366 1-14th Nov Sealdah Street children welfare. 20. 14
IWC 367 5-19th Nov Madhyamgram. Environment. 20. 16
IWC 368 17-30th Nov Sealdah Street Children Welfare. 20 16
IWC 369 20th Nov-4th Dec Madhyamgram Painting 20. 16
IWC 370 1-14th Dec Sealdah Street children welfare. 20. 15
IWC 371 5-19th Dec Madhyamgram Environment. 20. 16
IWC 372 17-30th Dec Sealdah Street children welfare. 20. 16
IWC 373 20th Dec-4th Jan Madhyamgram Animal welfare. 10 06

Long term and Medium term project 2014:-


MTV 01 ANY TIME SEALDAH Street children welfare and other manual 15 13

MTV 02 ANY TIME MADHYAMGRAM OFFICE Assistant and other manual 8 5

LTV 01 ANY TIME SEALDAH Street children welfare and other manual 12 10

LTV 02 ANY TIME MADHYAMGRAM Office Assistant and other manual 6 5

MTV 03 ANY TIME Madhyamgram Animal welfare 6 5

MTV 04 ANY TIME Madhyamgram Organic farming and recycling waste 8 8

LTV 03 ANY TIME Madhyamgram Animal welfare 6 5

LTV 04 ANY TIME MADHYAMGRAM Organic farming and Recycling waste 6 5


Youth and Senior Groups are welcome in our Group projects:-* Street children welfare project ( SMILE Group project )

*Tree plantation and recycling* (Spl. Camps & Group camps)!!

*Renovation and Repainting Group Project

* Food preparation and distribution among street children

* Food preparation and distribution among dogs and cats

* Recyling waste 

* Drama and music for street children

*Green House project

* Organic farmingA group having 15-30 volunteers can take part in any of these short term 2 weeks Group projects .

Any time of the year. Long cost :-€200/head/ 2 weeks camp.

Group living at Hall room. Transportation Proj. To home included.3 times food ,drinking water.

Age 16-60 yrs.


****Interested Group for package project can apply for 2 weeks volunteering + 1 week trip .( cost would be as per trip type and facilities provided . Our trips are all organised by professional travel partners.****

With best regards

Project details available :-

Volunteers’ feedback and project videos available :-

Project images available :-


Facebook:- smilengo.india

Facebook page:- SmileNgo

Skype:- smilengo.india

SMILE Group Camps India

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SMILE Group Camps Opportunities in Summer 2014 and Winter 2014/15:-

*Project: Rain water storage and purification project 2nd phase

Details :- This is one of the very important project which we started in 2013 with the cooperation of a scout group ( SVI- Belgium) . It was the 1st phase where we had done the drain line and strange tank with our Big roof . Rain water would be stored and purify to convert them usable for drinking and harvesting organic farming in our Green House project. There are many children and their family from the street whom we serve on everyday a basis since 2003 ! These needy community are always in problem of drinking water. Our attempt to initiate our small attempt to fulfil some of their need on completion of this project. We need energetic youth group to help us this year to finish this dream project . Later we like to construction same type of project around the country to bring smile among needy faces .

* Project : Green House construction and organic farming 1st Phase

Details : Exciting workcamps at Smile ,India !! Save the mother planet !!!Green House construction project in support of Rain water harvesting  to grow vegetable for our street children everyday requirement!! Recently we just completed the first phase of Rain water harvesting project where Rain water being stored for further use. Now we are going to start Roof top Green House project at our Building to Grow vegetables to help daily need of our Children at different projects . Group with motivated youth are welcome !! First we will construct the Green House and go for plantation there after. This project can help to grow organic vegetable and fruit . lets help us to bring revolution in horticulture and floriculture at our place . There would be painting activities as well as cultural exchange programme as well !! Energetic youth group required. 

* Project : Street Children Welfare

Details : India having uncountable numbers of street and slum dwellers . There are thousands of poor refugees coming every year from nearby countries and from different small towns and villages  to the big cities and most of these families are living in a very poorly condition at slums or on street corners like insects . Normal societies are so busy to deal with their personal daily problems ,so have little time for these unfortunate people. With every such family most number are children below 12 years including both girls and boys. Often these families bring their children to help them in begging ,household work ,rag picking activities. So it is really a shame of the so called civilised societies.   We have got our few projects for these unfortunate street children at the different locations of big cities. Now there are opportunities available in and around Kolkata (ccu) city.  Smile Society (ngo) had started their activities since 2003 ! From the first day children from the street around its’ project area became the SMILE family members! Activities started with  washing,cleaning,cleaning cloth,cutting hair and nails and then basic education( pre-elementary ) / vocational training/art /craft /drama /language training /music training /other activities done for the children on regular basis. Once these activities over then lunch being distributed among the children at the project followed by different amusing games with the volunteers !! ThInternational volunteers can have a scope to creat game plan or vocational training activities for these angels. These projects are going the several places with the help of local community helper . We often welcome international workcamp volunteers and medium to long term volunteers to run these projects !! Volunteer can have a great fun to stay with the local host and learn local food habits/ culture/dress /cultural exchange programme on regular basis to learn each other as a part of the single SMILE family!! Volunteers would have great fun time altogether!

*Project:Painting /Construction of Volunteer shelter cum training place( RENO )

 Details:- SMILE always believes in family type of environment !! Organisation always trying bring all Volunteers living at the same city can have a chance to live together with the local volunteers as a big family . So this year we are expecting to start such place with the help of our host families. So we are in need of volunteers in group to help in painting and construction our dream place which is known as volunteer shelter. simultaneously our sincere effort to have animal shelter,vocational training shelter,  rain water reserver to store rain water for further uses. So our Renovation and painting project has a great importance on our different projects . We are trying to bring different activities at one place . Such shelter would be our base point to bring help around . Presently shelter is going on under the observation and guidance of local host family .   We welcome young energetic hard working international volunteers to participate in our RENO camps ! We also welcome groups to come and help us in construction and painting !! So for those who want to spend an exciting volunteer activities ! Please join this camps !! 

Project:- Animal welfare activities ( Animal )

Details: In smile family we have a big love for domestic animals basically dogs,cats etc. in India there are huge number of street dogs and cats who are roaming unprotected and struggling for the life and shelter.There are no management system available for these animal.We organise several projects every year for these poor needy animals . Activities are mostly food distribution,grooming ,medication and taking care of dogs and cats at our shelter. We welcome international individuals or groups to help and look after these domestic animals during the camp. It is a fun filled experience for volunteers!! All volunteers taking this project should take anti rabies vaccination before joining these camps.

Living cost : Euro 200 /head ,it includes 3 times local food, shared room at local host
family, transportation to and airport and  accommodation, drinking water ,wifi facilities 2 hours during weekdays , local coordinator support at every project,2 days orientation , work shop training , Pre departure orientation , emergency support ,local language training also included.

Location :-Madhyamgram is the suburb 25km away from city centre Kolkata (the city of joy) was known before as Calcutta since the colonial time. This ancient city was used to be the capital of British colonial period. This city has full of heart ,people are basically belongs to the middle class . There are also rich and poor people all around . City Kolkata is know for its busy traffic ,huge population ,warm welcome and poverty around the street corners! It is a great place to visit for every tourist coming to India. More over if anyone get a chance to live with the local host family then that brings extra bonus to any traveller .It helps to learn the culture ,tradition,language while staying within the normal people of the society.Living on any hotel can never give any traveller such wide scope to know the society and communities as a whole. SMILE society always tries to give international volunteers a big scope to know about the local communities and understand the family environment.

Other Details :-

Volunteer group needed: 15-30 volunteers
Age 16+ yrs.
Accommodation : Group living at Volunteer shelter( on floor with mattresses )
Duration :1-2 weeks
Food : 3 times served
Weekends : Free( 2 days, 9am-5pm ,city trip can be organised extra €50 / head )
Work place : kolkata
Nearest airport : kolkata ( ccu )

If the Group like to go for short trip to Taj Mahal ( one of the seven wonder of the world) and other two cities (Jaipur ,pink city and Delhi ,the capital of India ,at the end of their journey then we can organise that as well against extra charge of 250€ per head
( Delhi Airport-Agra-Jaipur- Delhi Airport, 5 days and 4 night including food ,accommodation,transportation, guide,elephant ride ( entry fees at different monuments are extra approx €50/head,need to be paid by Indian rupees at the entry gates ).

Any month volunteers are welcome and any date is fine for us .

Welcome to SMILE India

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Namaste 💐SMILE NGO India
from Incredible India!!

Wanna explore India and Indian culture & tradition in 2017? Wanna visit the oldest Baniyan Tree of the world ? Wanna visit the old capital of India ? Wanna visit Mother Teresa’s Tomb? Wanna enriched yourself with one of the oldest tradition and culture this summer ? Wanna learn farming on roof top ? Wanna learn yoga & meditation? And many more….Then join our camps to rediscover yourself …….

URGENTSMILE Happy Home Camp volunteers group required In India ,Kolkata(ccu).

SMILE 2017 Project details already published on our SMILE Homepage .

SMILE Organic Farming training project
We welcome  motivated youth to help in our projects in India .

SMILE Society,India ( Member of CCIVS ( Associated with UNESCO),

SMILE International workcamps

SMILE Background :-

SMILE Society (ngo),India founded on 31st Aug. 2003 by a youth social activist Mr.Debabrata chakraborty ( Deba) with the full cooperation with his family and friends!!
Since then organization actively working in the field of volunteering in India .
International volunteers,teens,students,seniors are welcome round the year.

SMILESMILE Yoga & Meditation training Workcamp Social Links :-

What’s App/Viber/We Chat: +919830150249,
Line I’d: workcamp,
Kakao I’d : smilengo1,
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Skype: smilengo.India,
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