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Hello , Namaste from Incredible India!!

Wanna explore India and Indian culture ? Wanna visit the oldest Baniyan Tree of the world ? Wanna visit the old capital of India ? Wanna visit Mother Teresa’s Tomb? Wanna enriched yourself with one of the oldest tradition and culture this summer ? Then join our camp to rediscover yourself …….

URGENT volunteers group required In India ,Kolkata(ccu). SMILE 2014 Project details already published……

We welcome your motivated youth to help in our projects in India . Friday list attached .
URGENT places available at SMILE Society(ngo),India( Member of UNESCOn,CCIVS,NVDA,WANGO )

If you wish to join with your friends ,most welcome otherwise please spread this email to others and promote SMILE Society (ngo) India. We need your supports in our mission !!



Smile Admin
Skype : smilengo.india
Email : info@smilengo.org
SMILE Society (ngo),India founded on 31st Aug. 2003 by a youth and social activist Mr.Debabrata chakraborty ( Deba) with the full cooperation with his family and friends!!
Since then organization actively work in the field of volunteering in India .
International volunteers,teens,students,seniors are welcome at smilengo,India.

Facebook @ smilengo.india
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Skype@ smilengo.india

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Urgent #Volunteer #Workcamps in India June~August 2016 :-

** Street #Children & #Women Projects
Location : Kolkata and around

Camp Codes:-

SMILE IWC434 (1-14th June),
SMILE IWC436 (17-30th June),
SMILE IWC437 (1-14th July),
SMILE IWC440 (17-30th July),
SMILE IWC441 (1-14th Aug),
SMILE IWC444. (17-30th Aug),
SMILE IWC445. (1-14th Sep),
SMILE IWC447. (17-30th Sep),

Details: International #youth volunteers will get a chance to work with local volunteers and see how local organization helping children and women living on the street.Most of these families are #refugees coming from neighbouring countries and cities . Volunteers will have a chance to learn Indian culture and tradition. It would be an exceptional experience to know these cute kids and their families.Teaching basic education, organizing games and distributing food among these kids would be main tasks. Living with the local family during their stay would be sure an exceptional experience for sure.

Instagram: smilengo,
YouTube: smilengo1,
What’s App: +919830150249
Line I’d: workcamp
Kakao I’d : smilengo1
FB: SmileNgo,
Skype: smilengo.India
Twitter: smilengo_india, – at Smile Society (SmileNGO)

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International Workcamp Opportunities in India :-

1.Street Children & Women Project

SMILE IWC437 1-14th July ,
SMILE IWC440. 17-30th July,
SMILE IWC441 1-14th Aug,
SMILE IWC444. 17-30th Aug,
SMILE IWC445. 1-14th Sep,
SMILE IWC447. 17-30th Sep,

2.Intercultural Exchange.

SMILE IWC438 3-15th July,
SMILE IWC442. 3-15th Aug,
SMILE IWC454. 15-28th Dec,

3. Green House Organic farming

SMILE IWC439 15-28th July ,
SMILE IWC443 15-28th Aug,
SMILE IWC449. 8-20th Oct,

4. Domestic Animal Welfare

SMILE IWC446. 8-20th Sep,

5. Street Children Welfare

SMILE IWC448 1-14th Oct,
SMILE IWC450 17-30th Oct,
SMILE IWC451 1-14th Nov,
SMILE IWC452 17-30th Nov,
SMILE IWC453. 1-14th Dec,
SMILE IWC455. 17-30th Dec ,

*** Special Group Camp Opportunities :-

Camp Code: SMILE GR 05. Date :Anytime
Group size: 20-30 volunteers
Age:12-35 years
Location: Madhyamgram

Activity:- Painting and construction assistance to build School building for underprivileged refugee children.

Promote please….. – at Smile Society (SmileNGO)

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Volunteer abroad opportunities in India !! – at Smile Society (SmileNGO)

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SMILE International Workcamp for Street Children & Women Empowerment are as follows…

SMILE IWC434 1-14th June ,
SMILE IWC436 17-30th June ,
SMILE IWC437 1-14th July ,
SMILE IWC440 17-30th July ,
SMILE IWC441 1-14th Aug ,
SMILE IWC444 17-30th Aug ,
SMILE IWC445 1-14th Sep ,
SMILE IWC447 17-30th Sep,

Urgent Volunteer places open in these 2 weeks camps .Promote please.

Contact: http://www.smilengo.org ,
contact our partners from the your country. – at Smile Society (SmileNGO)

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#Organic #farming #international #Workcamp Opportunities in #India . IWC439 15-28th July, IWC443 15-28th Aug, Promote please.

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